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· Route Scheduling – ensures the right service at the right time for your operations while minimizing fuel consumption along the way.
· Dynamic Merchandising – keeps your team happy and satisfied by reducing empty selections, replacing slow-sellers, increasing the  availability of popular items, and adding new products and brands for continuous variety.
·Pre-Kitting – enables drivers to carry the exact products and quantities needed for each location, improving the speed, accuracy and efficiency of our service.
· Cashless – gives your team multiple payment options, including    mobile solutions and campus cards, so they can use their preferred payment method for quick and easy purchases.
· LED Lighting – reduce energy

Technology: About the Company


Utilizing the latest in iPad touch screen technology, all of our routes are pre-kitted in our warehouse.  This highly accurate system, in conjunction with our back end vending management software allows us to pick only what our route driver is going to need for the day greatly reducing our carbon foot print.  This efficiency allows us to service our customers much quicker all while delivering the products they want while reducing empty selections in the machines.

Technology: About Us
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